5 DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb Mistakes You Need To Avoid

5 DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Let’s be honest… You’ve watched some TikTok videos, maybe saw your favorite influencer drink their milk with a Hot Chocolate Bomb inside.

And now you can’t wait any longer to try and make your own Hot Chocolate Bombs.

You feel your soul craving the experience of melted chocolate with some delicious tiny marshmallows and your favorite hot cocoa mix all mixed up and dissolved in hot mild.

Heavenly, right?

Absolutely, but there are some common mistakes that people make when they try to assemble their first batch of hot chocolate bombs.

So in this article, my intention is to help you realize those mistakes earlier so that you can do your best and not face them.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the first mistake.

Mistake #1: Overcooking The Chocolate Chips

Once you gather all the required ingredients (mini marshmallows, chocolate or chocolate chips, hot cocoa mix, and half-spheres silicone mold) the next step is to melt down some ordinary chocolate or chocolate chips.

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And that’s where a lot of people get things wrong. When you put the chocolate chips on the oven or in your microwave (that’s the easier option) you should be really cautious that you don’t overcook it.

That’s why it’s important to remember to melt the chocolate on really slow fire or put it in a glass bowl for 10 seconds at a time in the microwave.

If you’re going to use your microwave chec every 10 seconds if the chocolate is already dissolved so that you don’t end up burning it.

Here’s how it would look if you made a mistake:

overcooked hot chocolate chips

That’s why I would recommend that you belt the chocolate on slow fire instead and stir it continuously.

Once you’re done with the mixture the next step is to fill in the mold and that’s the second mistake people make...

Mistake #2: Not Filling The Mold Evenly

When you’re ready with the melted hot chocolate bombs mixture you need to prepare your silicone mold and spread the chocolate evenly!

The mixture should be with a thick, melty consistency

However, the problem is that this is actually easier said than done…

It’s not the easiest task so you definitely need to be careful.

I would suggest that you use a silicone spatula to fill the mold.

And for best results you need to allow the chocolate to drop around the edges of the silicone mold and let it come to the center alone, without your intervention.

Also make sure that the consistency of the chocolate inside the mold looks thick enough so that it doesn’t crack when you try to separate the half chocolate spheres from the mold.

The image below is a great example of how the mold shouldn't look once you fill it with the melted chocolate.

melted hot chocolate in silicone mold

It would be best if the chocolate is evenly spread on the mold and looks smooth on the inside.

Now the consequences of not doing that brings us to...

Mistake #3: Cracking The Chocolate Half-spheres when getting of the mold

It’s highly likely that you can crack the chocolate spheres when it’s time to separate them from the mold.

The why it’s really important to be gentle through the process.

Since you’re using silicone mold, you can begin by softly stretching it by the sides so that it can easily separate.

Just make sure that you’re not applying too much force and you’ll be good to go.

And now, the final mistake that people make is...

Mistake #4: Not Being Able To Seal The Hot Chocolate Bombs

There are a lot of things that can go wrong while trying to seal the 2 half-spheres into one hot chocolate bomb.

In this stage it’s important to remember the difference in temperature when you get the silicone mold out of the refrigerator. 

If your hands are way too warm and the chocolate spheres surface is thin you can accidentally melt them just by touch.

That’s why it’s a great practice to wash your hands with cold water before you try to seal the 2 half-spheres together. You can even use silicone gloves for this process.

Once you pick-up one of the half-spheres just melt down its edges a little bit and then seal it to the other half filled with marshmallows and cocoa mix.

And that’s about it! Then you just have to leave them in the refrigerator for a couple more minutes and you’re done.

Here’s how the end result should look like: 

sealed hot chocolate bomb

To be honest, you can even make it better than that, but hey… that’s the challenge, right?

And before we conclude the article, there’s one last mistake we have to cover

Mistake #5: The Hot Chocolate Bomb Doesn’t Explode

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact solution for this one.

It’s really hard to achieve the same effect of an “exploding” chocolate bomb when you pour hot milk over it, because you’ve made it with handmade resources. (They’re not precise)

Luckily for you there’s a solution…

If you want to shoot the perfect hot chocolate bomb or just want to have the ultimate hot chocolate bomb experience you can just order The Original Novelty Hot Chocolate Bomb from here.

It’s a completely different experience than trying to make them yourself so I would highly suggest that you try at least once.

And that my friends concludes this article.

Now that you know about the 5 most common mistakes people make you can avoid them and follow this recipe to make your own Hot Chocolate Bombs!

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