The Favorite Ways Influencers Drink Their Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate
Take your cup filled with hot chocolate and prepare for the ultimate guide that shows all the unique ways our most beloved influencers drink their hot chocolate.

Of course, you are welcome to experiment with these hot chocolate ideas, try them in your life, and find a new fresh way to fill your soul with joy.

Before we begin, I want to show you The Original Hot Chocolate Bombs, which you can dip into your cup to enhance your hot chocolate experience even further.

hot chocolate bombs variations


Let’s first begin with...

The Hot Fudge Sundaes

Have you ever tried Frozen Hot Chocolate? 

Probably, no… I mean, it sounds strange, right?

It is basically what you’d get if a hot chocolate and a hot fudge sundae got together and had some fun...

Even though it counts as a hot drink, the uniqueness of The Hot Fudge Sundaes is that it can also be cooled to create something extraordinary.

Blake Lively - The Hot Sundaes

I learned about it from Blake Lively. We all know she’s a chocoholic, but we didn't realize is that her obsession carried over into every moment of the day... every day. She usually drinks it in the morning, along with her breakfast. 

Also, after some exclusive events, Blake would prefer to miss the post-party in favor of her calorie fest.

The chilly treat is made with milk, ice, sugar, and a secret blend of chocolate. Most of the time, Blake drinks is through a straw burrowed into a heaping layer of whipped cream. 

If you’re curious how to make one, here is one recipe you can check out.

How Joanne Ozug Makes Her Hot Chocolate From Scratch?

If you don’t know her, Joanne Ozug is a food and lifestyle blogger who makes approachable recipes from scratch. I’ll reveal it down below, but you can just follow the link if you want to see her original recipe.

cocoa bomb fillings

If you are not a coffee drinker, you’ll feel totally grateful for Joanne Ozung’s unique way in which she drinks her chocolate. She has settled on such an easy recipe with 0 caffeine. 

This rich and creamy Hot Chocolate is easy to make and has a robust chocolate flavor.

hot chocolate with whipped cream

The treat is made with milk, some tablespoons sugar, and an oz of bittersweet chopped chocolate. Some optional things to garnish your drink are whipped cream or The Original Hot Chocolate Bombs, which you can find here.

Jacques Torres’ Famous Hot Chocolate

Torres, an avid motorcyclist since the age of 15, recalled drinking hot chocolate in the south of France at tea salons on roadside stops. Since then, he had a dream to bring the French-style of this drink to the States.

Chef Jacques Torres aimed to introduce his favorite treat to people nearly two decades ago.

Now, after many irritations, his final favorite recipe is available at any of his stores. He has shared his favorite recipe with the whole world and successfully achieved his dream.

Basically, the beverage contains milk powder, cornstarch, and a lot of chopped chocolate.

milk and chocolate chips

Every Place Can Be A Reason For Hot Chocolate Break

Giselle Weybrecht is absolutely crazy about finding the best hot chocolate drink. She travels worldwide, searching for the ultimate hot chocolate experience, a drink that’s better than her last one.

Her life is all about sharing tips about traveling and hot chocolate.

The one that she enjoyed the most (until now) is in Mousseux.

Giselle Weybrecht favorite hot chocolate

The remarkable thing about the chocolate there is that it’s strongly whisked by hand using a specifically designed wooden spoon. 

Not only that, but it’s served with a small pot of rich whipped cream and a generous piece of thickly cut buttered toast. You can’t find this toast nowhere else as it is made exclusively for Cazenave.

The next one is...

Rachael Finch’s Coconut Hot Chocolate - Fan-Favourite For A Reason

Aussie model, Myer ambassador, activewear designer, and wellness influencer - Rachael Finch shares her favorite hot chocolate recipe that's as healthy as it is tasty. It’s also a heavenly satisfaction for every hot chocolate fanatic out there.

It’s a creamy collagen hot chocolate, and she loves it the most when the snow drops and the weather becomes cold. Here’s how she makes this healthy treat:

Rachael Finch’s Coconut Hot  Chocolate

She adds a scoop of the Kissed Earth brilliance collagen that she uses to strengthen her skin, hair, nails, bones, etc.

Then it dissolves almost instantly and doesn’t affect the taste of the drink. So satisfying! You can try it as well if you want the same excellent results. 

Check this out for the full recipe. If you want to enjoy your drink to the fullest, add one or two from these hot chocolate bombs. Then it wouldn’t only be healthy, but also delicious!

Time To Mix It Up...

Lacey Baier is a healthy lifestyle influencer and a content creator. As a creator, she not only loves trying new things, but she seems to have a genuine interest in creating recipes that were never tried before.

And the best part is that her recipes are from the healthy ones. 

Lacey Baier
Here’s what she says:

‘’In most of the recipes, you put a lot from everything, and you don't even know all of the ingredients!’’

Yet again, as in many of the cases… Lacey didn't ever want to run out of hot cocoa mix because she is tired of refilling, and she loves it.

hot chocolate mix

Since she has kids, the young mother wants to treat her children properly. So all of her recipes are healthy and full of nutrients. 

Basically, the things you need for her unique hot chocolate drink are cocoa powder, coconut sugar, cinnamon, vanilla powder, and sea salt (plus the milk). 

With her instructions, you can make a healthy hot beverage for your needs. Even if you want that sweet treat to be your everyday drink, it is a pretty good example.

She has developed some recipes for a hot chocolate mix, which you can check out here.

2 cups of hot chocolate


And that, my friends, is the end of this post.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it and got some creative ideas for your new way of drinking your favorite hot chocolate. Before I leave, I just want to ask you these questions:

  • Which one did you like the most? 
  • Is there are something unique that you’ve tried and want to share with others?

Reply in the comment section below and share this post with your hot chocolate friends.

If none of these approaches satisfied your sweet tooth, from here, you can order a small treat or two for yourself or a lovely friend.

And as a bonus with your order, you’ll receive a special recipe that will teach you how to make The Original Hot Chocolate Bombs.

See you in the next article!

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